Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rough Draft

Well my projection couldn't have been more wrong. Everette wasn't drafted until the 2nd round, but he was that team's first pick. Carolina traded away next year's first round pick to San Fransisco to make sure they got EB with their first pick in the second round (43rd overall). Everette was gracious despite having a bit of a Brady Quinn moment while ESPNs cameras were rolling on him while he watched the draft from Greenville, North Carolina.
Some silver lining for Brown is that he got to go to the hometown team and he gets to stay as DE. He will no longer have to worry about trying to make the transition from 4-3 DE to 3-4 LB. He could possibly get to learn from Julius Peppers, but not likely as it seems that Peppers is New England bound in a trade possibly to recoup the first rounder the Panthers gave up for Brown.
Why Everette fell so far is a bit of mystery. I know his height was a knock but I didn't think it was enough to push him out of the first round. The only thing I can think of is teams were worried about his ability to stop the run. While he is a tremendous pass rusher he does struggle a bit when teams run right at him. I don't think he would have had a lot of success as a LB in a 3-4 defense so thats why anyone with a 3-4 passed on him. Either way Everette is a steal at 43rd.

My other projections were off as well, since no other Seminole was drafted. So far four have singed free agent contracts though.
Graham Gano-Baltimore Ravens
Michael Ray Garvin- Arizona Cardinals
Derek Nicholson- Atlanta Falcons
Tony Carter- Denver Broncos

I'll update those as they sign.


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  2. Oops, Sarahs google acct. was opened.

    Where did you find the UDFA signings?

    Also, I think EB had the FSU DE stigma hanging over him. Though, I don't think it's fair because he is a different player. Hate that he is going to be playing against the Bucs for several years to come.

  3. Toddrick Verdell-Houston Texans
    Kenny Ingram- NY Giants
    Greg Carr- San Diego Chargers

    This site has been updating it constantly

  4. Good fit for Greg Carr. A little upset that the Bucs aren't too interested in going after UDFA. Usually a gem in each class.

  5. Your bucs decided to sign a Nole. They signed Neefy Moffett.