Friday, May 8, 2009

At Least He Didn't Say Dipshit

FSU president TK Wetherell is at it again. This time he decided to publicly rip receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey for lack of control. He said that Dawsey needed to go through a little bit of the Leonard Hamiltion school (So he wants him to teach the receivers to only play defense?) of coaching and needed to step it up. Now he does have a point in that somebody has go to take control of the receives, but how is it supposed to be Dawsey. I'm fairly certain Dawsey can't even wear certain shirts before having them approved by Jimbo Fisher. These are Jimbo's guys, Dawsey just works on technique with them after Jimbo tells him who he can sign. The institutional control has to come from either Jimbo or Bobby, Dawsey doesn't have the power to suspend players.
It's funny that when asked about off field incidents TK only focused on the misbehavior's of the players. Should the president of a University that was involved in such a large academic scandal really be talking to anyone about instituional control? Better question is why is the President doing an interview with a sports writer on the athletic department? Didn't he hire an athletic director? No other university president would talk publicly about a position coach like the Al Davis of college football did. Someone seriously needs to take away TK's talking privileges when it comes to sports, let him get his message out through his puppet of an AD Randy Spetman. But hey at least he didn't call Dawsey a dipshit right?


  1. I agree with every word ... good job Sam

  2. I don't know how students feel about TK and what he does for the University, but regarding the football program the guy has been nothing short of a jackass. I love the article that AC wrote on how much money we have spent just trying to defend Bowdens wins. Not only that, he hired Spetman who is absolutely clueless when it comes to being the AD at a Major program.

    At least he didn't call Dawsey that....but I'm not holding my breath that he's not going to. TK is the dip****